Performance Tuning

Specializing in 1999-up GM cars, trucks and SUV’s!

We have the equipment and the experience to tune your vehicle to perfection! Whether you want to improve your fuel mileage, add power, make your truck better suited for towing, or just want to correct your vehicle’s computer tuning for modifications you have made (tire size, cam, turbo/supercharger, etc.) we can make it happen for you! Our prices are lower than most if not all the other tuning shops and our work is guaranteed!

Standard tune service (more power and MPG) includes timing and fuel curve fine tuning. The stock programming on these vehicles is somewhat loose and leaves plenty of room for improvement. We analyze your vehicle’s current programming and drivability and fine tune the spark and fuel for ALL driving conditions. This will result in a more responsive engine, more torque and horsepower at all RPM and better fuel economy, whether you’re towing a trailer through the hill country or making a long drive on the highway. We have gotten as much as 28MPG highway out of a 2004 Silverado 1500 with a 5.3L engine and automatic transmission.  Cost of this service is $250 and includes lifetime licensing of your vehicle’s computer in our system. If you ever decide you want something changed, the price will be less because you’ve already paid for the license.

Advanced tune service includes all the above plus additional specific tuning for modifications you have made or intend to make to the vehicle. Covered modifications include but are not necessarily limited to:

– Deletion of multiple displacement system (2007-up V6 and V8 cars and trucks)
– Cold air intakes
– Aftermarket exhaust systems
– Performance intake manifolds
– Headers
– Camshaft swaps
– Gear changes
– Tire and wheel size changes
– Installation of turbocharger or supercharger

Price for the advanced tune is $350.

We are a full-service auto repair and maintenance shop providing all types of services including but not limited to:

-Advanced computerized diagnostics
-GM instrument cluster rebuild
-GM computer performance tuning
-Headlight restoration
-Alternator replacement
-Starter replacement
-Water pump replacement
-Timing belt replacement
-Fuel pump replacement
-Transmission repair and replacement
-Engine repair and replacement
-Oil change
-Suspension system repair and replacement
-Steering system repair and replacement
-Wiring repair and modification

No job is too big or too small! We’re ASE-certified and we guarantee all our work!

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