Engines and Transmissions


For the big jobs, take your vehicle to Integrity AutoWorks! Our expert services are ideal whether you have a late model import, newer domestic vehicle, or a classic car or truck. And because we guarantee the work we perform, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality engine overhaul and replacement services in the Waco/McGregor area.

Our heavy duty services include:

Engine Maintenance
Any car part manufacturer will tell you that preventive maintenance is critical to the part’s lifespan. Like other auto parts, car engines aren’t built to last forever. However, you can increase the engine’s lifespan by performing regular preventive maintenance. The easiest way to maintain peak performance and fuel economy is to provide regular engine maintenance for your vehicle.

Engine Replacement
The engine converts energy into useful mechanical motion. This amazing machine is what keeps your vehicle moving. Although generally reliable, a car engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown. When this happens, let us take care of it for you.  We’re experts in engine repair and replacement!

Cylinder Head
Your cylinder heads perform a multitude of functions including regulating air/fuel mixture intake, exhaust outlet, and circulation of coolant and oil through the upper end of the engine.  A damaged or worn cylinder head can cause low compression resulting in a poorly running vehicle and poor fuel economy, internal coolant leaks allowing coolant into the oil, and external oil and coolant leaks.  Integrity has the experts to take care of any and all issues related to your cylinder heads.

Timing Belt
A timing belt is a part of your car’s internal combustion engine. The belt synchronizes the camshaft and the crankshaft rotation so that the engine valves open and close at the correct timing. Also, the belt prevents the piston from striking the valves in an interference engine. Most cars we drive now have timing belts instead of timing chains and gears. Although different manufacturers have their recommended mileage, you need to have your car’s timing belt checked regularly. To have it checked by experts, contact Integrity today.

Cylinder Block
A cylinder block is the powerhouse for the motor vehicle. The solid cast car part houses the cylinders and their components (gaskets, valves, and seals) inside a lubricated and cooled crankcase. Since it is one of the most important parts of your car, the block is designed to be extremely strong and sturdy. Although strong and sturdy, the block is susceptible to failure resulting in a vehicle that won’t start. Cracked blocks, porous blocks, core plug, or freeze plug failure are some of the problems facing cylinder blocks. Call (254) 644-7210 to talk to the mechanics at Integrity AutoWorks about your cylinder block problems.